Science, Tech, and Medicine


Scientific discoveries, technological innovations and medical advances are the most influential forces of change that shape all religions, especially the Christian faith because its sacred texts and doctrines invite scrutiny to see that it is true.

We celebrate God's revelation in these fields of inquiry and seek to find convergence  between faith and knowledge.

In this age of knowledge, the very credibility of belief is open to investigation, verification and falsification where possible.

Biblical Archaeology


From the time of the last witnesses to Jesus, there has been no new source of knowledge about Christian beliefs until the emergence of archaeology.

The invention oftradiochronometry in the 1960s launched modern biblical archaeology at the single most important new source of knowledge about the Bible.

Today, every Bible commentary relies on new discoveries and interpretations of artifacts found around the world's excavation sites.

Origins Research


The Question of Origins includes four questions:

The Universe - Cosmogony

Life - Biogenesis

Humanity - Paleoanthropology

Our Minds - Cognitive Neuroscience