Berean-Geohistory of the Bible

Why is the Bible Written Like This?

“And the people of Berea were more open-minded than those in Thessalonica, and they listened eagerly to Paul’s message. They searched the Scriptures day after day to see if Paul and Silas were teaching the truth.”

Acts 17:11, NLT

What is BEREAN ?

BEREAN is an interdisciplinary geohistorical approach to understanding why the Bible was written as it was. This is ACT’s signature training program for Bible teachers and fellowship group leaders, either taking it live in New York or in a recorded format accessible through youtube. A live and global online program to discover why the Bible was written as it is by learning the geographical and historical contexts of its many genres, intended messages, and applications for our lives today.


Just like its namesake, the Bereans (Acts 17:11), whom the apostle Paul described as noble because they tested to see if what he taught them was true, BEREAN is an initiative to inquire into the beliefs we have all inherited and boldly dare to ask – Is this true? It was inspired by the work of biblical scholars, Eugene Boring, Dennis Olson, Pat Miller, Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart. It will be taught by Dr Ron Choong in New York City with a recorded version available to Online students via youtube access.

What is BEREAN’s approach to the Bible?

Know the original message conveyed through the geohistorical and scientific contexts to avoid misinterpreting the Bible. Community: You will be studying archaeology, geohistory, theology and the Bible with fellow students from all over the world. Scholarship: You will be taught by a research interdisciplinary theologian who earned four degrees in theology from Princeton Seminary and Yale Divinity School, including a PhD in science and theology. The tutor is independent of institutionalized funding and is not affiliated with any specific denomination. He is interested in what happened and if it is true rather than beholden to any 16th century tradition of interpretation.

Who Should Join? 

BEREAN is not for everyone. This is not a course to study the texts of the Bible but rather the broad themes with respect to their location and period (geohistory) of oral traditions and written composition. It is for anyone who seeks to teach or understand the Bible but have not had an opportunity to attend seminary – church leaders & teachers. Suitable for individual quiet time or cell group studies.

Spring 2018 Registration Coming Soon

Questions about registration:

Live classes in NYC: $500.

Online course: $300 (Video & audio recordings on website)

Early Registration, by Jan 15: 20% discount ($400/$240)

Berean Alumni: 50% off ($250/$150)

2017 Schedule

Feb 11: Geohistory –7 civilizations that shaped the emergence of the Bible

Feb 18: Archaeology – Discoveries that shaped our understanding of the Bible

Mar 04: Instructions: Torah-Pentateuch

Mar 11: Prophets: Announcements for a New Paradigm

Apr 08: Writings: Explanations & Narratives

Apr 15: Paul’s Gentile Mission

May 06: John, Peter & James in the Formation of Christianity

May 13: Jesus’ Compassion for the World

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Seven Civilizations

The topics above will match the geohistory of seven civilizations: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia, Persia, Greece and Rome.

MesopotamiaAbraham & the Enuma Elish & Gilgamesh accounts.

EgyptMoses & the Memphite theology of creation.

AssyriaEphraim’s Samaritans & the Lost Tribes of Israel.

BabyloniaJudah’s Davidic promise & rabbinic Judaism.

PersiaCyrus as Isaiah’s messiah & the rise of Jewish monotheism.

GreecePaul’s philosophical training & rhetorical vision.

RomeJohn’s apocalyptic vision of Rome v Israel.