Public Lectures

 Throughout the year The Academy for Christian Thought hosts a variety of  lectures where Dr. Ron Choong shares his years of experience and  indepth knowledge to help you gain a deeper understand of your Christian  faith. 


These seminars  form a curriculum of a seminary-without-walls. Topics include the  relevance of the Bible to history to philosophy to comparative religion  from the Christian viewpoint and cover biblical study, practical  theology, systematic theology, apologetics and ethics. 

Museum Tours

Each year we take multiple excursions to New York City's great museums.  During these trips we explore the history and culture of ancient  societies, their religious beliefs and how it relates to what we believe  today. 

Master Class

This Master-Class will survey the current fields of inquiry that  pertains to human origins, the mind and reflection on the biblical  account of God from a Christian perspective with the goal of equiping  Christians to be conversant in the vocabulary and main arguments of  theology, paleoanthropology and neuroscience.